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Matt Kelley - Engineer

For over 27 years, Matt Kelley Audio has provided the Bay Area, California and beyond the very best in high resolution analog and digital recording and mixing services for music. My experience includes recording and mixing on almost every analog and digital platform and console along with the synchronization skills to operate most analog and digital platforms in tandem. Musically, I am a cross genre engineer/mixer and feel as comfortable working with Funk and Hip Hop as I do Punk Rock and Rock and Roll.

Matt Kelley Audio also offers full service Mastering including Disc Description Protocol (DDP) folder creation as well as consulting services for home and private studios aimed at addressing isolation and acoustic issues.

Finally, Matt Kelley Audio provides an extensive network of musicians, producers, arrangers, mastering professionals, graphic artists, attorneys, publicists, promoters, web designers, and cinematographers to help you realize every aspect of your productions. As a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, my network consists of many of the most talented individuals in the industry.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss rates, dates and studios. Feel free to checkout my biography or a selection from my discography.

I hope you enjoy my site!